High Blood Pressure

A considerable chunk of people dies every year because of high blood pressure. This is alarming and has made conventional medicine seem like the only effective solution. But a lot of surveys and scientific studies have times and again proved that mainstream medicine is not the only treatment available to high blood pressure patients, a lot of natural remedies have also proved astoundingly effective.

Natural remedies for checking high blood pressure

The easiest and effective high blood pressure solution is to have a walk daily, for a certain amount of time- without fail

Yes, this works wonders on the health of people having this health condition. Walking is a less strenuous exercise, which makes the heart utilize oxygen in a more efficient manner, saving it from pumping harder to circulate blood.

Stress hormones trigger the release of a high blood pressure causing hormone called renin

High Blood PressureHence, it’s advisable that high blood pressure patients keep a check on their stress level. The easiest way to achieve this is using restorative activities like yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, etc.

Load up your diet with fruits and vegetables rich in potassium

Potassium can lower blood pressure quite effortlessly. A lot of people who follow a potassium rich diet have benefited in this respect. One of the most common vegetables loaded with potassium is a potato. However, if you have shunned it already for its high carb content, then you can probably go for smart alternatives like dark green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach.

Steer clear from excessive salt

Cutting your salt intake to a considerable extent will help you maintain your blood pressure at an optimum level. So, being salt smart is the way to reach your health goals.

Take flavanols

Take flavanolsThey are abundantly available in almost all varieties of dark chocolates. So, if you are a chocolate fan, it’s good news for you. In case not, it’s high time you became one. Flavanols have properties that increase the elasticity of blood vessels. As a result, strokes and other fatal conditions that arise from high blood pressure don’t occur.

Studies say that a little alcohol taken on a regular basis can keep high blood pressure at bay

Remember, it’s only a little that you need; over drinking can backfire. If you follow these easy-to-remember tips religiously, you sure will beat high blood pressure in the matter of a few months.