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Car Sharing Explained

What is car sharing? How is it different from mainstream ride-sharing options? Ideally, car sharing is a rental system that is designed to cater to the needs of people who need a car for a short period. Ideally, car sharing offers a range of benefits such as savings from the costs associated with owning a vehicle such as depreciation. Car sharing is easy on your wallet because you pay for the car only when you need it.

How to Use Car Sharing

The first step involved in car sharing is to choose a company that offers this service. Considering that this mode of transport is relatively new, your options might be limited to only a couple of options depending on where you live. If you have to make a choice, you must do your homework by considering things such as prices, the suitability of the cars, and the company’s reliability.saloon car

Now that you are aware of where you might get your car from, you also need to read the terms and conditions of the car sharing agreement. While these terms might vary a bit depending on the firm you use, most car sharing companies typically work with drivers older than 21 years with a clear record.

Mot car sharing providers only require that you place your request online. If you have met the bare minimum qualifications, you are expected to choose a plan. These plans usually cover things such as mileage, hours that you have to access the vehicle, insurance, and the type of vehicle. After choosing the plan, all you need is to choose a car.

Choosing a Car Service

Now that you have an idea of what car sharing entails, you must have an idea of what it takes to choose this service. For starters, you must be aware of when you need to use the vehicle, how many miles you will need to drive, and the need to bring the car back to the pickup point. For starters, it is a good idea to choose a service that offers month-to-month packages with no cancellation fees. If you find that their services do not suit you, you are at liberty to cancel the subscription and explore other options.


Five reasons to regularly wax your car

What are the benefits of waxing your car on a regular basis? Most car owners have heard about car waxing, but do not know the reasons why. Here are five reasons to regularly wax your car. Waxing is an essential routine preventative maintenance that should be undertaken on your vehicle. Given its importance, it is crucial to use car wax kits, hence making sure all the right equipment is used.Regular waxing will prevent your car from scratches, UV rays, dirt, and corrosive elements.

Importance of waxing your vehicle

Protection against air-borne contaminants regularly wax your car

The paint of the car is at risk if left unprotected by the wax or other sealants. Acid rain and other corrosive agents can settle on your paint and cause corrosion. In this case, you will have to fix your car through expensive repainting. However, waxing will create a protective layer so that contaminants will become embedded in the wax instead of your paint.

Easier cleaning

A car that has been waxed is much easier to clean. In most cases, dirt and liquid coming in contact with your car are inevitable. In this case, the wax will prevent such dirt from coming in contact with your paint. It is a lot easier to wipe dirt off your car that has regularly been waxed.

Prevent paint chips

Small paint chips can occur when your car is hit by tiny rocks and stones especially when you are driving at high speeds. However, car wax will smoothen the surface of the paint hence reducing the friction between the debris and your car. In this case, the debris will slide off your car rather than cause damage. Waxing your car on a regular basis will save you from constant repainting and repair on your car.

Repair sun damage

The paints can fade or look dull if your car is left out in the sun for long periods. Is there any benefit of waxing a car that has been sun damaged? The layer of wax will enhance the shine and luster of your car. Therefore, waxing your car regularly will save you from expensive repainting of your car.

Besides repairing the sun damage, the wax will protect your car from harmful UV rays that might lead to discoloration. It also prevents premature peeling of the car paint hence increasing the resale value of your car.

Fill in the scratches

Fill in the scratchesRegular waxing will fix small scratches on your car. It fills shallow scratches, making them less noticeable. Moreover, it prevents scratches from getting to your paint. Therefore, your car will look new with every waxing.