Sleep in a cooler place

How You Can Considerably Improve The Quality And Quantity Of Your Sleep

One of the easy, and sustainable ways to gain more energy is to sleep better and sleep more. Sure, this is easier said than done for modern people, especially for those living in a hectic all-night-long cosmopolitan city. However, if you’re someone who has been struggling with the sleep or if your sleep hasn’t been good, consider taking a rest. Such a sleep-deprived situation may not harm you, but it will bring in long-term disastrous health issues.

Five ways to improve the quality of your sleep sessions

Stick to a sleep schedule

We have an internal clock that tells the body when to wake up and sleep, and it doesn’t like to be constantly reset. When there was no electricity and blazing lights, it was easy for our ancestors to stick to a sleep schedule but for us, we have to make it a routine. A regular sleep schedule saves you from heart diseases, stroke, diabetes and even cancer.

Avoid lights

Avoid lightsLights stop the production of melatonin, a hormone that triggers sleep. Light tricks our brain into thinking that it is time to wake up, so a person sleeping with lights on is less likely to sleep anytime soon. It is not just bright lights, even small amounts of light can affect sleep. To avoid lights make it a habit of switching off all lights before you go to bed. Avoid even night lights if possible. Keep a small torch in case you have the habit of waking up during night.

Avoid gadgets

It goes without saying that it is mobile phones and tablets that keep people stay late. Checking your email before bed is a bad idea, both that it is backlit and keeps your mind occupied. In case it is important that you check your laptop or mobile on bed try to lower its brightness.

Avoid noise

Noise or sudden and loud sounds disturbs. Even if you manage to go to sleep, these unwanted sounds easily interrupt deep sleep. So what is the best solution? Use ear plugs. But I should say it is not the best option because some sounds can enhance sleep. But if you can’t prevent other noises then using earplugs are the best option.

Sleep in a cooler place

Sleep in a cooler placeHigh temperature tends to keep our metabolic processes more active whereas a cooler temperature (cooler than your daytime) keep them to a minimum. At lower temperatures, the brain produces a hormone called melatonin which helps sleep. Wear minimum clothes and choose natural fabrics to increase air circulation and lower body temperature and help you fall asleep faster.