belt drive in a car engine

Benefits of Using Belt Drives in Machines

People rely on machines to make work easier and life better. Some day-to-day devices that people use include cars, sewing machines, lawnmowers, chaff-cutter, and power generators. Some of the machines use some system to transmit movement from one part to another. For example, the sewing machine has a belt that connects the part that the tailor operates with the feet and the upper part with the needle. Even bigger machines like generators and cars have such systems and may use gears, belts, and chains or a combination to transfer motion. These systems wear out over time and need replacement. If your machine uses rubber belts, you can buy the same from the most reliable rubber belt supplier to ensure your device keeps operating well.

Below are some benefits of using belt drives in machines

The Belts Are Elastic

One significant advantage of belts is their elasticity compared to the rigid gears. It gives a good damping characteristic or shock absorption. That is why they are used in stone crushers or drilling plants. The stopping and starting behavior is damped, which is not jerky compared to the gear drives. However, the high elasticity can lead to increased elastic slip. A belt cannot be too flexible, nor can it be too inelastic; otherwise, the shock absorption property can be missing.

Belts Bridge Greater Distances

belts bridge longer distancesCompared to the gear drive, belts are used in bridging longer distances between the shafts in a simple way. Chain drives have such an advantage and are necessary for bicycles where there is a long-distance between the pedal and the wheel. In some cases, a belt such as a V belt provides a natural overload function. On the other hand, gear drives, overload cause it to slide. It protects such transmission from damage.

They are Insensitivity to Angular Misalignment

The belt drives have an added benefit since they are insensitive to an angular misalignment so long as the axes continue running in a parallel plane to one other. In some cases, the misalignment can be deliberate. It makes it easily redirect rotation direction. When the output shaft turns by 180 degrees making the belt cross, the original direction of rotation is reversed. In contrast to the open drive, it is also called a crossed belt drive.

These Systems Are Affordable

The belt systems are a cheap transmission option. It is because they are easy to install, absorb vibration and shock, and are quieter. Belt systems require frequent maintenance to ensure they are in alignment. However, such costs are lower compared to chain or gear drives. The other transmission options are more expensive. Since the belt drives are simple, they last longer and can cope with wear and tear.