Booking a train

Booking a train has become an easy activity thanks to the Information Communication Technology (ICT). Not long age, anyone who had plans to travel was forced to walk into the rail stations or a travel agent booking offices to obtain a travel ticket. This process subjected travelers to filling many forms and waiting in long queues to prepare for their journey. With EasyBook Train Tickets Malaysia you are assured of great trip.


Booking a trainToday, most ticketing services have been computerized, and a traveler can make his or her reservation online at their convenient time from wherever they are. Your ticket has been brought to your fingertips! Besides, the online services provide the travelers with train schedules allowing the travelers to choose, alter and cancel their travel plans at their convenience.

Booking a train

There are two ways of booking train. Getting the advance tickets or waiting until the travel date to get your ticket as you walk into the rail station. The choice of booking method id dependent on various factors. Advance ticket booking is ideal for those who are certain of the exact date and time of travel. Most of the rail travel companies recommend a 12-week advance booking. It can save you a lot of travel money.

Travel plans

Those who have more flexible travel plans and are not certain of their specific travel date can walk into the station and find available next train when they decide to travel. This option is a little more costly than the advance reservation, so one make use of the online fare finder to help them locate the cheap trains available on the route.
Before you decide to book your next train, you need to have some details about the services offered by the train company. This is important so as to avoid inconveniences on the travel date or time. These are some of what you need to know.

Understand the ticket types available

Most trains have three classes with varies levels of services and comfort available or travelers. Thes are Economy, Comfort and Premier classes. Depending on your preferences and cost, one can make their informed choices on which option to take.


As a traveler, you need to establish if the train company has options to accommodate or offer alternative travel in case of an eventuality. Most companies have different fee types that allows one to get full refunds or agreed amount if you fail to catch the train or cancel/alter your travel plan.

Route and destination

Booking a trainMake sure the train you are booking will take you to where you want to avoid incurring unnecessary costs. Also, ascertain if it is a direct train or a connection train that you will need to change the train along the way. This is important so that you do not end up miles away from your intended destination or lose your luggage on the way.