Anal Bleaching: Is Worth The Health Risk?

Tell you what; the first time I read about anal bleaching I thought I was dreaming. Alternatively, these could have been a scam website popularizing the impossible. But it was not a dream neither was it in a spamming website; it was real. I can relate to your shock when you heard about it for the first time.

Since then, the practice of browning bums has found a way to the common woman in the street. It used to be a reserve for the porn stars then joined a few celebrities, and it is now a mass beauty practice. Did I hear right the part of beauty practice!

Where is anal bleaching coming from?

Anal BleachingIf you remember, light skins have obsessed the world since time immemorial. Some of those with dark complexions have wanted to jump sides and join their white friends. Even some of those who claim to be “white” wanted a “whiter” anus. At first, it was the general body skin then it got specific. Due to their nature of their business, porn stars had to bleach their anus. It caught the attention of other celebrities, and they wanted a piece of the cake. Not long after, women from all lifestyles wanted the beauty right into their anal region. That is where anal bleaching found its way into the masses. And that is how women are now doing the weirdest beauty practices you ever heard of.

The healthy risks for anal bleaching

This is a very sensitive part

Your anus is quite a sensitive part. It should be the last part that you touch in the name of beauty. It has a reason to be the way it is and bleaching it may just hamper its basic function. What if the bleaching goes bad? You could lose your entire hindquarter just because you wanted a lighter anus. You wouldn’t want that, right?

The possibility of an of infection

You will be inviting a plethora of bacteria and other germs to your anus and the entire “behind” region. The wounds that may result from the bleaching process will not heal fast. This may become an infection zone. It could take a long time to shake off the infection.

Our take

Anal BleachingWell, everyone is entitled to rock their boat to any direction they deem right. But some beauty practices are just beyond the red line. The risks of bleaching your anus are massive. And what does it help to have a lighter bum? There are zero gains for it with massive risks.

It is about time we place boundaries to what amounts to beauty and what crosses the line into insanity. Bleaching your anus is not beauty but rather a big risk to your health. You can do without it.

Robert Mayes